Ben Lyaunzon

Hey there,
fellow internet traveler.

I'm Ben, a 20 year old student, originally from New York. Currently situated in the wonderful city of Boston, I am pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science and Interactive Media. I'm on a constant mission to create and impart my message to the masses through technology. I like to build things for and on the internet, especially if it involves art or the visualization of data.

Data always has a story to tell and I'm looking for new, innovative and creative ways of doing just that.



  • Open Source Software

    Hover over a circle to find out more about the project or select it to go to that project's page on Github. Or just drag the circles around as you please. Take a look around, or better yet, submit an issue, perhaps even a pull request!

  • MFFM

    Javascript (ReactJS), LevelDB

    Taking advantage of leveldb's client side storage and reddit's simple json API, MFFM is a minimal javascript music player that creates playlists and streams music from your favorite subreddits (works best with musically inclined subreddits, like r/music, r/jazz, r/hiphopheads). Using React was a first for me, but I thought that its system of modularity and extensibility made it really easy to architect the structure of my application.

  • HiphopJS

    Javascript, Node

    A node API module that exposes the RapGenius data in an object oriented fashion. My plans are to use this module to power some music/hiphop related data visualizations.

  • Lute

    Javascript, Node

    Lute is a task-based library for processing and manipulating audio using SoX, a Unix command line executable easily installed with homebrew.

  • Derrida

    Javascript, Canvas

    A computer art experiment, inspired by the deconstructionist philsopher, Derrida. Deconstructing classical art through modern methods of distortion, manipulation, animation and more. Made use of the BonsaiJS library, which provides many helpful shortcuts for manipulating SVG graphics with javascript.

  • Fadeaway


    A front-end library written to fade elements in and out as they are scrolled through the browser's viewport. A crossfader for your divs!

  • Node-fliptop


    Fliptop provides customer intelligence. This module was written to provide a simple to use node interface for their REST API.